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AI helps ensure you strike the right tone in your writing style.

Generate PDFs or plain text of your cover letters and résumés.

Save time by only customizing the bits you need when starting a new job application.

Give your job hunt superpowers!

Manage your résumé like a database

Bitsmachine keeps track of all your résumés and their parts, so they're easy to copy, update and remix into new ones. Cover letters, résumés, work experiences, education, projects, publications, volunteering, awards — all are easy to duplicate and edit as you need. Easily manage different versions of every component.

Stop fussing and focus on the content

Your résumé is effective when it's tailored to the position your applying for. You need a tool that makes it easy customize and paste into online applicant tracking systems. Bitsmachine makes it easy to update parts of your résumé without losing any old versions. Mix and match components in seconds.

Need to revise a work experience?

One click duplicates an experience so you can edit it to emphasize a particular expertise. Save it, and it automatically replaces the old version on your résumé.

Struggling with online application systems?

Quickly paste your résumés into applicant tracking systems with one-click "copy to clipboard". Same with cover letters. Plus, keep notes with your cover letters to track progress.

Need to generate PDFs?

Download PDFs of your résumés and cover letters for uploading into applications. PDFs are optimized so that the job application system can read and parse your info.

Want to customize contact info?

One click duplicates a résumé so you can update your contact email, name, social media links, or summary. Any time you update an experience, the changes carry over to each of your résumés.

Need to share your résumé?

Share private web URLs for each of your résumés.

Want to export your data?

Everything you create in Bitsmachine is designed to be exported.